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Governor's Awards Spotlight: Linda Stone, MD

ABOUT LINDA STONE, MD | COMMUNity development and Participation

ORGANIZATION: The Ohio State University College of Medicine

LOCATION: Columbus | Franklin County

BIO: Linda C. Stone, MD, is a wife, mother, grandmother, family physician, medical educator, and retired associate dean for student affairs at The Ohio State University College of Medicine. She currently volunteers as special assistant to the dean for humanism and professionalism. As a family physician, Dr. Stone served patients in Columbus for 25 years. Upon retirement, she founded the OSU College of Medicine’s Humanism in Medicine program, including the Medicine and the Arts Series and the Humanism in Medicine Student Section (including the Professional School Orchestra; Ultrasound Choir; the Writer’s, Photography, Visual Arts, and Theatre/Film & Arts groups; and Dance in Medicine). Dr. Stone was selected by the Class of 2004 as the OSU College of Medicine Professor of the Year and was designated a Local Legend by the American Medical Women’s Association in 2005. She has received numerous teaching awards including the Lifetime Achievement Award from the OSU College of Medicine in 2009. The College of Medicine created the Linda C. Stone Award in Mentoring in 2011. She has also received the OSU College of Medicine’s Alumni Achievement Award and the Alumni Service Award. The Ohio State University Alumni Association honored Dr. Stone in 2014 with the Josephine Sitterle Failer Award for her work in humanism and professionalism. In 2016, the American Medical Association honored her contributions to the medical humanities with the Isaac Hayes, MD, and the John Bell, MD, Award for Leadership in Medical Ethics and Professionalism.

NOMINATED BY:Linda Stone, MD Headshot Eileen Mehl | Medicine and the Arts Board | Chair

“Dr. Linda Stone is a dynamic and dedicated proponent of the arts and an advocate for their ability to heal, not only patients in the healthcare system but the caregivers themselves and future generations of health professionals. She has built Ohio State’s Medicine and the Arts and its Humanism in Medicine programs from the ground up and has expanded them beyond the walls of the university to encompass the entire central Ohio arts community.”

Don Hayes, Jr., MD, MS, Med | Nationwide Children's Hospital and The Ohio State University

"In the fall of 2009, under her Humanism in Medicine initiative, Dr. Stone created The Medicine and the Arts program, which was developed as a means to promote resilience for the caregivers, students, and faculty at the Wexner Medical Center and the OSUCOM. This initiative was successful due to Dr. Stone’s tireless commitment and her ability to enlist support from a wide variety of leaders.”

Jennifer Lehe | Columbus Museum of Art | Manager of Strategic Partnerships 

“Rarely does one encounter an arts advocate as passionate, expansive, and effective as Linda; rarer still that such a champion come from another field. Linda is driven by a belief in the importance of the arts in caring for the self and others… Her belief is electric, motivating everyone she comes into contact with as she builds a robust community around the arts.”

Maureen McGovern | Medicine and the Arts, Humanism in Medicine | Volunteer and Board Member

“When you can help calm a patient’s panic, or a medical practitioner’s exhaustion, or a medical student’s worries, or a family caregiver’s fears with a narrative of encouragement, humor and music, it goes a long way to soothe the soul. It empowers them to not only to find a new perspective, but also to gather the courage and hope to carry on.”

Jessica Rutsky | The Ohio State University College of Medicine | MD Candidate, Class of 2017

“Not only does Dr. Stone support the artistic endeavors of medical students, she pushes us to develop new ideas for the arts and our community as leaders ourselves… She leads medical students to embrace their creative sides, knowing that it is through art that science thrives and that neither can exist without the other.”

Wiley W. Souba, MD, ScD, MBA | Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth | Professor of Surgery and Medical Education

“The integration of the arts with medicine represents the new era in patient care. Art, music, and dance are therapeutic modalities that promote healing and well-being by fostering a human environment. By integrating the visual arts, music, the performing arts, and research into medical education, the physicians of the future are provided with a critical aspect of patient care that until recently has been overlooked."

The Governor's Awards for the Arts in Ohio is a statewide program that showcases and celebrates Ohio artists, arts organizations, arts patrons, and business support of the arts. The public is invited to nominate individuals and organizations in seven awards categories. A selection committee, made up of Ohio Arts Council board members and three individuals selected by Ohio Citizens for the Arts, chooses the winners. The program is presented by the Ohio Arts Council and the Ohio Citizens for the Arts Foundation. The 2017 Arts Day & Governor's Awards Luncheon will take place Wednesday, May 17, noon, at the Columbus Athenaeum. Visit for more details.

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