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From the OAC Archives: Seeking Tradition

As we comb through archives, we're reminded of the rich tradition of arts in Ohio. Many things have changed since the OAC was established in 1965, but the parallels we can draw from the past are crucial reminders of how we got to today. An excerpt from a 1976 editorial, by former director Mr. James Edgy, Jr., indicates the longevity of public funding in the arts and how tradition takes hold.

Ohio Arts Newsletter

July 1976

At the beginning of a new fiscal year, the nation's 200th birthday, and the start of my third year with the Council. I felt there should be something significant to discuss in this newsletter. There is. People in the arts in Ohio should be aware that we have entered fiscal 1977, the last leg before requesting arts funding for 1978-79. 
Already, the OAC is in budget preparation. It's a good time to start thinking about your needs in the upcoming years and to begin working toward those goals. Be sure and invite those who will be most influential in funding support to your previews and opening nights, especially your local state representatives. 
It's an unfortunate situation, but as the arts grow in Ohio and the state appropriations stay the same, each organization's share can only decrease...unless funding can increase with that cultural growth. 
Also, I know a lot of people are already tired of the Bicentennial before it arrives, yet it has been a godsend to the arts. In looking back at America's heritage, a lot of people "rediscovered" the arts and the important part it plays in our lives. Photographs, paintings, sculptures, literature, film, dance, drama, and music are key indicators of a particular culture and by looking at these arts, one can acquire a real sense about who our forefathers really were.

With the FY 16-17 budget approval this month, we can't help but notice the connections we have to the past, and the room we still have to grow to support the arts in Ohio for the next fifty years.

Don't forget to submit your photos from yesteryear in our ongoing #OACnext50 celebration.

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