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Join the OAC in a New Year's Resolution to Invest in Professional Development

Dear Friend and Colleague:

Happy New Year! Here at the Ohio Arts Council (OAC) we’ve been hearing from folks asking us for more professional development and engagement around topics such as diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI); long-term planning; staff capacity issues; participation barriers; hiring to fill vacancies; and ways to navigate uncharted business practices for nonprofits.

Because you asked, the OAC is working together with the Ohio Diversity Council (OHDC) – and we have good news to share! Together we will engage you in workshops, summits, virtual and in-person opportunities, webinars, and so much more – at no cost to you!

We are excited to extend this special invitation for you to join the OAC and OHDC in a year-long journey of high-quality, professional growth opportunities.

Curious? To get started, please click the blue button below to find a 2022 calendar of options, including registration links. Upcoming sessions cover topics such as diverse recruitment strategies, women in leadership, and much more:


I am so excited about the year ahead that I’m asking you to join me in making a 2022 New Year’s resolution! Here’s the good news: This is the kind of resolution that doesn’t involve giving up anything!

Come on, wherever you are, repeat after me: I resolve to learn and grow in my profession by participating in high-quality professional development with the Ohio Arts Council and Ohio Diversity Council.

And best of all … in case you missed the really good news … this opportunity is free to you! You won’t spend money from your organizational or personal budget to participate! We’re investing in you by partnering with the National and Ohio Diversity Councils to make it easy to join us throughout 2022. I’ve had a look at the upcoming calendar of events, and there are so many opportunities. In fact, I’m already registered for the March 10 Women in Leadership Symposium - Paragon of Womanhood: Restoration, Reintegration, and Reemergence.

Together, we will achieve success through activities that will:

  • Advance leadership through education and awareness of the varied dimensions of diversity
  • Partner with arts leaders to create dialogue that fosters and promotes organizational change that supports access and inclusion
  • Promote outreach efforts for youth, artists, and arts leaders that inspire mutual respect and understanding

As an active participant we will provide you with a broad menu of professional development options. In turn, you will simply register for the sessions that will best equip you with tools and strategies to lead your organization. Some sessions are limited to 25 in-person or 50 virtual OAC-sponsored attendees, while others will be livestreamed without limits.

We will have updates with the latest offerings each quarter. You can also visit and register for OAC/OHDC professional development events, and view archived OAC webinars, at the OAC's main webinar page, linked below:


I hope you’ll agree with me that these skill-building offerings will be interesting, engaging, and relevant.

2022 is our year of opportunity, and together we’ll learn, grow, and ascend to heights we’ve always hoped to reach … it’s all within our grasp and I’m with you all the way!

Until next time,

Donna S. Collins signature
Donna S. Collins
Executive Director

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