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Meet the Staff: Carla Oesterle

Meet the Staff: Carla Oesterle, Fiscal Operations Associate

Wearer of many hats, she couldn’t live without her pets and visiting her horse on the weekend: The Ohio Arts Council’s (OAC) resident problem solver Carla Oesterle gives us some insight into her role as the agency's fiscal operations associate.

Q: So, where are you from originally?
I am from Columbus. I was born in Mount Carmel West Hospital and I grew up on the West Side. I moved to Delaware about 20 years ago when I got married.

Q: Where did you go to college?
I have an Associate of Arts degree from Columbus State Community College.

Q: So, you have a lot of professional experience?
I have been with the OAC for 23 years, and I have had exposure and experience with most of our programs and processes. I worked in a Columbus law firm as an office associate in the early 1990s.

Q: How did you find your way from the law office to the Ohio Arts Council?
Someone that I knew sent me the posting for the position of office assistant, and that was my first job here at the OAC.

Q: That’s very cool. So, you are now the Fiscal Operations Associate, is that correct?
Something like that. I have a few different hats that I wear here.

Q: Can you explain more about all those different hats?
I perform all of the fiscal operations with the State of Ohio Administration Knowledge System (OAKS), which is payables and receivables. I also perform a lot of the human resources duties and some of the general facilities stuff. If people don’t know how to do something, they often ask me.

Q: What is your day-to-day schedule like?
My work is largely task-driven, and it is about getting things to happen through the business process that we use. It’s a little bit different than the rest of the staff in that I don’t get into the field a lot, so when I do, it’s a real treat.

Q: What’s your favorite part about what you do? Do you have a specific part of your day that you cherish?
The thing that I really like is problem-solving. I love when there is a puzzle that I need to put together to get to the solution. I like a challenge. I feel very fortunate to be able to work in the creative world with creative people — it is never boring and there are so many layers of meaning to all the art forms. It is fascinating.

Q: Do fiscal operations carry over into your after-5-o'clock life?Ohio Arts Council Fiscal Operations Associate Carla Oesterle and her dog
Most of the time, I like to disconnect. However, I do think about work when I’m outside of the office. It’s the time that I use to let things stew in my mind and consider different angles. 

Q: What do you do at home? Do you have any activities or hobbies?
My 10-year-old son keeps me busy with his activities, and I am an animal lover. Currently, I have three Shiba Inu rescue dogs and a horse that I see on the weekends. I have discovered paddle-boarding and kayaking this year, so I look forward to that activity when weather permits. I like to read and make stuff … There is never enough time.

Q: What does art mean to you?
Art describes the mess of life.

Q: What does being a part of the OAC mean to you?
Being part of the OAC is being part of a diverse work family that is supporting a larger, more diverse family that believes that the arts are necessary.

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Article by Kayla Draper, 2017-18  Social Media and Events Fellow
Photos courtesy of Carla Oesterle

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