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Celebrating Arts and Humanities Month at the OAC

Celebrating the arts during National Arts and Humanities Month every October is like celebrating the birthday of a close friend or relative. Even though you appreciate them all year round, it’s nice to have an opportunity to highlight the things that make them special or impact you deeply on a regular basis.

National Arts and Humanities Month (NAHM) is a coast-to-coast collective celebration of culture in America. Each year since 1993, NAHM has helped give millions of Americans the opportunity to explore new facets of the arts and humanities in their lives and has encouraged them to begin a lifelong habit of active participation.”- The National Assembly of State Arts Agencies

Being the director of a statewide organization for the better part of twenty years means I have been traveling all over Ohio for almost as long. I always try to experience a piece of the local community’s arts and culture during my visits. In doing so, I have come to learn how vibrant and diverse the artists in our state are. 

Whether it’s student exhibitions, craft museums, or street performances, the artists and the work they create all have something to teach us. For one thing, the arts are part of our lives every day. Whether we notice it or not the billboards we pass during our commutes, the band accompanying our sports teams, and the Halloween costumes filling store windows are all a product of someone’s art education. 

I am so fortunate to work with people who see the value in these aspects of society. And to have an entire month to remind myself of the many facets of creativity. Ohio’s powerful arts communities are certainly worth celebrating this month. The OAC’s Creative Economy grants help arts and cultural organizations engage with their partners in city planning, urban and rural development, and parks and recreation. Funded projects bring together people from all walks of life, often for the very first time. Through these initiatives, Ohioans become invested in their localities, which leads to even more positive outcomes for the world we all live in. But not everyone has the consistent opportunity to see Ohio from all angles. 

So this year, the OAC will participate in the NAHM #ShowYourArt Instagram campaign. Led by national leaders at Americans for the Arts, members of the arts community will upload photos and videos to their Instagram accounts with the tags #ShowYourArt and @Americans4Arts, and share posts via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more! We can all learn more about Ohio and about each other by sharing our own art, art we like, and art events we attend in October. Most of all, I am excited to pay extra special tribute to the arts and humanities this month because they bring joy and purpose into the lives of everyone they touch. 

Artfully yours,

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Donna S. Collins
Executive Director

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