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Traditional Arts Apprenticeships

The Traditional Arts Apprenticeship program provides support for master artists to work with apprentices to build understanding and proficiency in folk and traditional art forms. By pairing exemplary practitioners of traditional art forms with dedicated apprentices, this program allows for concentrated study and cultural exchange. Traditional Arts Apprenticeship awards support the teaching and sharing of important cultural traditions and enrich the lives of people throughout the state.

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Master Artist Elaina Hernandez and apprentice Vanessa Hernandez studied Mexican folkloric dance.

Master artist Talcon Quinn and apprentice Juniper Ballew practice brain tanning.

Master artist Warren Waldron and apprentice Dale Farmer shared Appalachian fiddle traditions.

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Kathy Signorino
Artist Programs and Percent for Art Director

Chaz O'Neil
Artist Programs and Percent for Art Coordinator

Cristina Benedetti
Folk and Traditional Arts Contractor


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