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  • The Ohio Arts Council’s Festival Directory is a free resource for the public to engage with the arts and for artists to discover opportunities. If you would like your event published in the 2019 Festival Directory, please complete the form below.

    Please note that no edits or changes will be accepted once your event information has been submitted. It is encouraged that you check your event details thoroughly before submitting this form.

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  • Competitions, or competitive exhibitions, are classified as juried, nonjuried, invitational, or juried invitational, according to information supplied at the time of listing.

    Juried: A neutral panel or juror reviews each applicant's work or slides and makes final selection decisions. 

    Nonjuried: All applicants are accepted until all spaces are filled, first-come first-served. 

    Invitational: Promoters or their staff select exhibitors from applications or by direct invitations. 

    Juried Invitational: All applicants, past and present, are reviewed by a neutral panel or juror, then the panel or juror makes recommendations to the promoter or chairperson, who makes final selection decisions.