A Carnival of Animals: Beasts, Birds, & Bugs in Original Illustrations from Children's Books
January 29 - April 18, 2004

Promotional exhibition postcard featuring artwork of a child in a red dress, walking with two white cats following her

A Carnival of Animals: Beasts, Birds and Bugs in Original Illustrations from Children’s Books will be on view at the Ohio Arts Council’s Riffe Gallery January 29 through April 18, 2004. The exhibition includes 80 works by artists from the United States and abroad. An opening reception and Family Day will be held on Sunday, February 1, 2004, from 2-4 p.m. Free tours, art activities and light refreshments will be offered. The event is free and open to the public. Drawn from the historic Mazza Collection at the University of Findlay (Ohio), A Carnival of Animals invites viewers to explore art in children's literature and helps to deepen their understanding of the process by which original art becomes part of a printed book. Viewers will be greeted by the sometimes whimsical, sometimes dramatic and always tender portrayals of the animal world. The exhibition also aims to remind visitors of all ages of the profound connections between humans and animals and the importance of safeguarding the world’s precious natural resources.

Featured artists include Cecil Aldin, Martha  Alexander, Jim  Arnosky, Norman  Bridwell, Marcia  Brown, Ashley  Bryan, Harrison  Cady, Randolph  Caldecott, Christopher  Canyon, Marta  Carrasco, Tony  Chen, Lynne  Cherry, Victoria  Chess, Barbara  Cooney, Helen  Craig, Etienne  Delessert, Debbie  Dieneman, Rebecca  Emberley, Barbara  Garrison, Arthur  Geisert, Hardie  Gramatky, Devis  Grebu, Marylin  Hafner, Michael  Hague, Gail  Haley, Ruth  Heller, Will  Hillenbrand, Syd  Hoff, Troy  Howell, Woodleigh Marx Hubbard, Ann  James, Faith  Jaques, Ann Jonas, Lois Mailou Jones, David H.  Jorgensen, Gloria  Kamen, Maryann  Kovalski, Dorothy  Lathrop, Deborah Nourse Lattimore, Dawn  Lauck, Lois  Lenski, Paul Owen Lewis, Leonard  Lubin, Melissa Bay Mathis, Edward  McCandlish, Michael  McCurdy, James  Melvin, Wendell  Minor, Lynn  Munsinger, Carol  Nicklaus, Charles Nuttall, Ib Spang  Olsen, Tracey Campbell  Pearson, Merle  Peek, Daniel  Powers, "Alice Martin" Provensen, Ted  Rand, Robert  Rayevsky, James  Rice, Feodor  Rojankovsky, Yuri  Salzman, Willy Schermele, Helen  Siegl, Robin Spowart, Diane  Stanley, Vladimir  Vagin, Kris  Waldherr, Watson Watson, Jerome Wexler, Mary  Whyte, Brian  Wildsmith, Rodger Wilson, and Sophia  Zarambouka.