Celebration of Creativity: OAC Fellowships 1980 - 2005
July 26 - October 7, 2007

Promotional exhibition postcard featuring a collection of artworks

Curated by Dennis Harrington, Kay Koeninger and Kitty Zurko. Featuring 18 Ohio artists who have received one or more OAC Fellowships since 1980, Celebration of Creativity brings together a diverse range of work that honors 25 years of Ohio Arts Council support to individual artists. The result is a stunning exhibition in a wide range of media that showcases and celebrates the wealth of creative, professional artists living and working throughout Ohio.

Featured artists include Andrew Borowiec (Akron), Kate Budd (Akron), Cole Carothers (Milford), Johnny Coleman (Oberlin), Alan Crockett (Columbus), Ana England (Felicity), James Friedman (Columbus), Brian Joiner (Cincinnati), Lori Kella (Cleveland), Ron Kroutel (Athens), Gregory Little (Bowling Green), Thomas Macaulay (Dayton), Paul O’Keeffe (Cleveland), Todd Reynolds (Portsmouth), Dennis Savage (South Bloomingville), Karen Shirley (Yellow Springs), Lowell Tolstedt (Columbus), and Sean Wilkinson (Dayton).