Connections II: Ohio Artists Abroad
January 24 - April 6, 2008

Promotional exhibition postcard featuring a collection of color blocks and artworks

The Ohio Arts Council’s Riffe Gallery proudly presents Connections II: Ohio Artists Abroad, January 24 – April 6, 2008. Connections II features artwork by 14 artists who participated in the Ohio Arts Council’s Individual Creativity international residencies program, which has long been recognized as a leader in international cultural arts exchanges among state arts agencies. Over the years the OAC has developed global partnerships, including residencies, with several countries. The artists in Connections II took part in opportunities established in Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. These artists immersed themselves in their host communities and acted as cultural ambassadors for Ohio. Connections II brings together a range of work, including printmaking, installation and video. Connections II is curated by Wendy Collin Sorin.

Featured artists include Bruce Checefsky (Cleveland), Gretchen Stevens Cochran (Columbus), Jennifer Craun (Cleveland), Phyllis Kohring Fannin (Lakewood), Nicholas Hill (Granville), Diana Duncan Holmes & Timothy Riordan (Cincinnati), Andrea Joki (University Heights) & Udo Haufe (Dresden, Germany), Michael Loderstedt (Cleveland), Mark Soppeland (Akron), Stephanie Sypsa (Columbus), Kim Vito (Fairborn), and Laila Voss (Cleveland).