Cuba Oriente: Contemporary Painting From Eastern Cuba
September 22 - October 31, 2004

Promotional exhibition postcard featuring artwork in the shape of a sun

In partnership with the Eastern Cuba Cultural Exchange, Meridian will present an exhibition of work by artists from the Oriente (eastern) region of Cuba beginning on October 15.  Entitled Cuba Oriente: Contemporary Painting from Eastern Cuba, the exhibition includes 63 exceptionally rich and vibrant works from what is often described as the heartland of Cuban culture.  At a distance of over 650 miles from Havana, the area is not well known by Americans in general, due to the complex relationship between Cuba and the United States.  Cuba Oriente brings to light the stunning art of a colorful region The ten participating artists span generations.  Several of the artists are self-taught.  Others include a former museum director, professors and graduates of the region's art academies. The works on display in Cuba Oriente vary in subject and style.  Classical and modern styles intertwine and rich hues abound.  Included are breathtaking landscapes, genre scenes, abstract works, surrealistic themes and richly imagined comments on life in Cuba.  Oil, acrylic and woodcut are the primary mediums.

Featured artists include Reinaldo Pagan Alivia, Miguel Angel Botalin, Joherms Quiala Brooks, Antonio Ferrer Cabello, Alfredo Rodriguez  Cedeno, Marcos Pavon Estrada, Ruben Manuel Beltran Guerra, Eddy Ochoa Guzman, Alfredo Elias Sanchez Iglesias, Roel Caboverde Llacer, Levis Galano Londres, Orlando Piedra, Jorge Luis Hernandez Pouyu, and Jose Julia Aguilera Vicente.