Educators/Educated: Jewelry & Metals in Ohio
November 18, 2004 - January 23, 2005

Promotional exhibition postcard featuring a three dimensional silver artwork

The Ohio Arts Council’s Riffe Gallery will present an exhibition focusing on the rich legacy of metals and jewelry programs at Ohio’s colleges and universities November 18, 2004 – January 23, 2005. Educators/Educated: Jewelry & Metals in Ohio is a vibrant introduction to work created between 1955 and 2004 by current and former faculty as well as selected alumni from six highly regarded, degree-granting jewelry and metals programs in the state. Educators/Educated is a focused investigation of the Ohio metals community’s vital artists, seminal objects and processes. The exhibition includes a breadth of creative ideas and highly personal forms ranging from elegant to quirky and historic to contemporary. The strengths of Ohio metals and jewelry artists reaffirm the heritage and ongoing creative vitality of the craft. In addition, it illustrates the academic institutions’ emphasis on the individual’s development as an artist and as a craftsperson. Included in Educators/Educated is groundbreaking studio work by artists and educators from Bowling Green University, Cleveland Institute of Art, Kent State University, Miami University, Ohio Wesleyan and University of Akron.

Educators/Educated is comprised of a variety of styles and mediums, including: jewelry (brooches, tiaras, bracelets); domestic objects (teapots, vases, bowls); metal sculpture; and enamels. More than 140 objects will be on display as part of the exhibition curated by Gail M. Brown, curator of contemporary craft.

Featured artists include Sue Amendolara (Miami University), Christina Baitz Brandewine (Miami University), Susan Lovell Campbell (Miami University), Susan R. Ewing (Miami University), Vratislav K. Novak (Miami University), Elissa R. Graff (Miami University), Ana Lopez (Miami University), Kelly Malec-Kosak (Miami University), Teresa Young Murray (Miami University), Julia Turner (Miami University), Helen Worrall (Miami University), Elise McWillaims (Miami University), Kathleen Browne (Kent State University), Sofia Calderwood (Kent State University), Katie Bergman Cassel (Kent State University), Donna D’Aquino (Kent State University), Jaclyn Davidson (Kent State University), Helen Elliot (Kent State University), Robin Kraft (Kent State University), Keith Lewis (Kent State University), Bruce Metcalf (Kent State University), Joan Parcher (Kent State University), Roy (Kent State University), Stephen Saracino (Kent State University), Mary Ann Scherr (Kent State University), Mel Someroski (Kent State University), Cathy Kay Taylor (Kent State University), Rachelle Thiewes (Kent State University), Joe Wood (Kent State University), Pamela  Argentieri (Cleveland Institute of Art), Kenneth Bates (Cleveland Institute of Art), Jane D. Benjamin (Cleveland Institute of Art), Kathy Buszkiewicz (Cleveland Institute of Art), Catherin Butler (Cleveland Institute of Art), Jessica Calderwood (Cleveland Institute of Art), Gretchen Goss (Cleveland Institute of Art), John Havener (Cleveland Institute of Art), Matthew Hollern (Cleveland Institute of Art), Lauralee Hutson (Cleveland Institute of Art), Amy Kreiling (Cleveland Institute of Art), Sarah Krisher (Cleveland Institute of Art), Rebekah Laskin (Cleveland Institute of Art), John Marshall (Cleveland Institute of Art), Jim Mazurkewicz (Cleveland Institute of Art), Frederick A. Miller (Cleveland Institute of Art), John Paul Miller (Cleveland Institute of Art), H. Edward Winter (Cleveland Institute of Art), Susan Skoczen (Cleveland Institute of Art), Cindy Cetlin (Ohio Wesleyan University), Vicki Daeillo (Ohio Wesleyan University), Julie Flanigan Hill (Ohio Wesleyan University), Betty Heald (Ohio Wesleyan University), Jonathan Quick (Ohio Wesleyan University), Danielle Crissman (Bowling Green State University), Marilyn Dasilva (Bowling Green State University), Chuck Evans (Bowling Green State University), Harold Hasselschwert (Bowling Green State University), Amanda Butler Kolar (Bowling Green State University), David LaPlantz (Bowling Green State University), Terrence Lavin (Bowling Green State University), Thomas Madden (Bowling Green State University), Tim McCreight (Bowling Green State University), Becky Chader McDonah (Bowling Green State University), Tom Muir (Bowling Green State University), Tara Stephenson (Bowling Green State University), Felicia Szorad (Bowling Green State University), Pamela Morris Thomford (Bowling Green State University), Diane A. Archer (University of Akron), Sherry Simms (University of Akron), and Heather White (University of Akron).