Grace and Gravity
September 14 - January 6, 1996

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Grace & Gravity: Recent Work by 11 Japanese Artists was the second of two exchange exhibitions organized by The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama, Japan and the Ohio Arts Council in cooperation with the Wexner Center for the Arts. The first exhibition in the exchange, Language of Place, which featured works by 11 Ohio artists, premiered at the Riffe Gallery from July to September 1994 and opened in Saitama in October 1994.

Grace & Gravity featured work by 11 Japanese artists in a variety of mediums including oil painting, photography, sculpture and installation. Artists in the exhibition included Yukio Fujimoto, Osaka; Hajime Imamura, Kyoto; Yukie Ishikawa, Saitama; Makoto Ito, Saitama; Hotaro Koyama, Tokyo; Shinji Murakami, Kanagawa; Takashi Sasaoka, Osaka; Eri Yakayanagi, Tokyo; Keizo Tawa, Saitama; Masayuki Tokunaga, Saitama; and Hee-chan Yoon, Saitama. The exhibition was curated by Yuji Maeyama, curator at The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama.

Grace & Gravity focused on the sense of Japanese space or place. The artists expressed that theme in their own creative ways. Some artists regard space as quivering or ambiguous, not as homogeneous or stable. Their work creates an atmospheric and intimate place. In contrast, other artists are making works which seem to have a centripetal force that draws in the viewer. These issues relate to the relationships between the past and the present. Old Japanese painting is an accumulation or succession of fragments of space just as cities in Japan are an accumulation of fragments of space.