Land of Latitudes: Contemporary Art from Chile
May 12 - July 10, 2005

Promotional exhibition postcard featuring a wooden artwork

The Ohio Arts Council’s Riffe Gallery will present an exhibition highlighting the creative freedom and diversity of Chilean artists. Land of Latitudes: Contemporary Art From Chile will be on display Thursday, May 12 through Sunday, July 10, 2005. The exhibition, curated by Sara Johnson, director of visual arts at the Southern Ohio Museum and Cultural Center, and Betty Talbott, director of the Ohio Craft Museum, will feature the work of 51 artists living in the South American nation. Land of Latitudes confirms Chile’s international reputation in printmaking and ceramic work, but also exhibits how the nation’s artists take full advantage of every conceivable option and freedom in pursuit of personal creativity. Chilean artists operate outside the narrow specializations often practiced by North American artists. Many simultaneously explore painting, printmaking and sculpture, experimenting with materials, techniques, styles and approaches. The power of Chile’s landscape is one of the threads uniting the exhibition’s diversity of work. Other influences include Chile’s literary figures, its indigenous cultures and its political history.

Featured artists include Elisa Aguirre, Tatiana Alamos, Carlos Ampuero, Samy Benmayor, Roser Bru, Santos Chavez, Gonzalo Cienfuegos, Patricio de la O, Pablo Dominguez, Inge Dusi, Mario Gómez, Isabel Izquierdo, Benjamin Lira, Hugo Marín, Ximena Medina, Lise Moller, Rafael Munita, Rodolfo Opazo, Nevenka Pavic, Cristián Salisneros, Margarita Smith, Patricia Velasco, Monique Verdu, and Paola Vezzani. An additional 27 artists participated in the printmaking project, Children’s Games.