Quilt National 1997
January 21 - April 3, 1999

Promotional exhibition postcard featuring pink and purple abstract quilt

Thirty quilts from the tenth biennial Quilt National Collection will be on display at the Riffe Gallery January 21 through April 3, 1999. This exhibition is produced and circulated by the Dairy Barn Southeastern Ohio Cultural Arts Center in Athens. Quilt National '97 is a juried international exhibition of the work of innovative contemporary quiltmakers that showcases transformations in the world of quilting. The works in Quilt National '97 were chosen from more than 1,250 entries submitted by nearly 600 artists in 26 states and Australia, Austria, Canada, England, France, Japan, Israel and New Zealand. Each work in the exhibition had to satisfy several criteria including mastery of technique, overall design and concept. Each quilt was chosen because it has depth of style, content, technique or emotion.

Featured artists include Niki Bonnett (Greenwich, CT), Elizabeth A. Busch (Glenburn, ME), Jeanne Lyons Butler (Huntington, NY), Cynthia Corbin (Woodinville, WA), Catherine Dawson (Calais, ME), Maryvonne Deville Guillot (Rennes, France), Margaret Hedges Favour (Alburquerque, NM), Gerry Fogarty (Yellow Springs), Dorothy Fusselman (Chagrin Falls), Tim Harding (Stillwater, MN), Nancy Herman (Merion, PA), Ann Johnston (Lake Oswego, OR), Diane Leone (Santa Clara, CA), Mary Mashuta (Berkeley, CA), Ann Stamm Merrell (Cupertino, CA), Jan Myers-Newbury (Pittsburgh, PA), Anne Marie Ollivier (Aubagne, France), Jane Reeves (Canton), Ann Rhose (Berkeley, CA), Bernie Rowell (Candler, NC), Lorraine Roy (Quebec City, Quebec), Frank Skiles (Plantation, FL), Clare Frances Smith (Wellington, New Zealand), Christi Teasley (Monteagle, TN), Carol Tombesr (St. Paul, MN), Adrienne Yorinks (North Salem, NY), Kyoung Ae Cho (Kansas City, MS), Susan Webb Lee (Weddington, NC), Joan Schulze (Sunnyvale, CA), and Alison F. Whittemore (San Antonio, TX).