Quilt National 2001
November 7, 2002 - February 9, 2003

Promotional exhibition postcard featuring colorful quilt artwork

Thirty-two quilts from the 12th Quilt National Collection, accompanied by 27 pages from The Public Book: Letters To Our Great-Great-Grandchildren , will be on display at the Riffe Gallery November 7, 2002, through February 9, 2003. Quilt National ‘01 is produced and circulated by the Dairy Barn Southeastern Ohio Cultural Arts Center in Athens. It is a juried international exhibition of the work of innovative contemporary quiltmakers. The works in Quilt National '01 were chosen from 1,411 entries submitted by 670 artists from the United States and abroad. Every work in the exhibition had to fulfill several criteria including mastery of technique, overall design and concept. Quilts were chosen for their depth of style, content, technique and emotion. "My most fervent hope is that the non-quilting world will no longer be surprised at the variety of objects that are identified as quilts. Most importantly, people will recognize that the concepts of ‘quilt’ and ‘art’ are not incompatible," said Hilary Fletcher, Quilt National project director.

Featured artists include Cheri Arnold (Columbus), John Lefelhocz (Athens), Debra Lunn (Lancaster), and Michael Mrowka (Lancaster).