William Hawkins: Drawings in Context
January 27 - April 2, 2000

Red and black promotional exhibition postcard with an artwork of a school bus

The inventive and emotionally charged work of William Hawkins will be on display from January 27-April 1, 2000, at the Ohio Arts Council's Riffe Gallery. Curated by Tim Keny, director of Keny Galleries in Columbus, William Hawkins: Drawings in Context includes 67 drawings, 22 paintings and some popular media images that inspired the artist. Hawkins's highly personal paintings and drawings reveal his sense of humor and zest for life. Hawkins created a powerful body of drawings from the 1970s until 1990, shortly before his death. Using materials ranging from graphite to colored pencil to collage, Hawkins imaginatively captured scenes from everyday life. The exhibition includes animal sketches, and architectural and narrative scenes that demonstrate the artist's keen observation of the human and natural worlds.